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Why Choose Us?

Many organizations, not knowing better, turn their telecom needs over to one of the large legacy phone providers without examining each aspect of the telecom process. This often results in paying too much and receiving a system with less than optimal capabilities. At RWS Consulting, we pride ourselves on bringing together the most capable and cost-effective providers for each aspect of the project. From equipment sourcing, to software solutions, to highly skilled installers, we quarterback each project from design to implementation to live testing.

Personalized Solutions

At RWS Consulting, we listen to your unique communication needs and budgets so we can provide you with the best solution on the market.

Our Experience

With over 30 years in the industry, you can be sure that RWS Consulting knows about and can recommend the best products for your communication needs.

Connections with Industry Leaders

We have relationships with all the big players in the Voice and Data industry. So rest assured that you’ll get the best price for the best product. 

Robert Sacht

About Robert Sacht, Owner

My background in Telecommunications had started in 1975 working in New York City for a local phone company vendor. I was installing PBX phone systems for local businesses. In 1982 started with Rolm/IBM in the large customer group with customers having 3 and 4 thousand phones each. In 1990 moved to Florida and worked for MCI Worldcom until 2002 when I started Extreme Voice and Data.




Who can benefit from RWS Consulting Services?

Large corporations to start-ups

Whether you are looking to install a system for the first time or considering upgrading current system capabilities, let’s talk about how you can benefit from our expertise and decades of experience.  It’s not only about saving you money, it is also about getting you the best outcome for your investment. 

What People Are Saying About RWS Consulting

Great customer service experience. Loved working with these guys. They are very knowledgeable and take pride in the work that they do. I would recommend them for sure!!! If you want great quality these are the guys to go to.

Jonathan Torres

Robert Sacht has been extremely helpful before, during, and after the move to our new shop. When needed, he comes the same day. His expertise has been invaluable to us here at Signarama – North Palm Beach.

Brian Marder

I was very impressed with the service & installation process. the installers were very knowledgeable & friendly.I would highly recommend this company for my friends who is looking for business security camera services. Robert is great guy to work with!!

Petr Jelinek

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